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New coming!!!   

<new> 15" XGA with 1500 / 2000nits and extra wide operation temperature range
<new> 21.5" FHD with 1200nits extra high brightness
10.4"~46" sunlight readable monitor series
<new> 32", 42",, 46", 55", 65" 1500 nits high brightness, 24hrs/7days long term operation, high reliability LCD series

Special LCD optical design:

<new>  AGL 8"~50" sunlight film series to protect your TFT under direct sunlight heating!
<new>  Extra wide view angle design (no gray scal reversion) for TN type TFT!
<new>  Regional super narrow view angle (10/10/10/10) on LCD by software control!  
<new>  Extremely low reflection LCD surface! 

LCD monitor series:

 VO15B241, 15" 1500nits XGA  VO32A311, 32" 1500nits FHD  VO46A211, 46" 1500nits FHD


AGL to launch all new series LCD, from 3.5"~55" with: 

  1. High brightness
  2. High reliability
  3. High performance 

 All range LCD applied three backlight technologies:

  • Optimized LED
  • CCFL / Robust CCFL
  • Mercury-free Xenon based GFL  


AGL outdoor LCD solutions,
all product with the following features:
-- High brightness display
-- The best eye catch display image performance (high contract ratio)
-- Backlight with 100,000 hours long service life,
-- Wide operation temperature from -30C to 85C
-- Cold start temperature from -30C
-- Sunlight readable technology
-- Free to landscape / portrait orientation
-- Integrated power system for high reliability and easy setup 
-- Mercury free backlight technology

Based on above features, AGL LCD monitor provides two major chassis series for outdoors:

● Outdoor LCD monitor with water proof design
● Outdoor LCD monitor with touch screen and water proof design 

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