More easy, more flexible, three major service to make easy LCD applications

AGL to provide three major service to make your LCD related applications become more easy and flexible:

Service 1: Easy selection
Standard LCD panel range from 3.5" to 65", AGL designed all range LCD panel for your easy selection, for example to provide the brightness from general to 2500nits, MTBF from 10K to 100K hours, meanwhile, AGL also designed various operation temperature range, different signal I/O as the standard LCD panel product series, the standard list to provide short lead time for your easy cost effective embedded industrial/medical or military grade applications.

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Service II: Easy design

Based on the special system design inquiry from worldwide, such like to apply LCD operated under extreme ambient conditions, AGL also provided a flexible customization process to design your unique parts. The general customization process will start from your RFQ then spec discussion and sampling stage, pilot run and mass production stage. AGL serious process control will help you to develop display system easily and clearly.   

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Service III: Easy integration 

Not only to provide all series special LCD panel, AGL also designed well display kits for your easy system integration, all display kits include: AD controller board, LVDS cable, OSD control by pad or RS232 port, LED backlight driving board, signal convertion board, high low temperature thermal control kits, touch screen module and open frame monitor chassis ......etc., all standard and customized LCD related parts help you to build the most competitive system unlimitedly.  

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