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Vehicle / Yachting / Aircraft

Vehicle / Yachting / Aircraft

Vehicle / Yachting / Aircraft

For widespread application of digital systems equipped in various transportation devices, such as automobiles, motorcycles, ships or airplanes, TFT LCD displays have played an extremely important role in information communication or control centers in most of transportation devices. For different applications of different vehicles, displays have various key specification requirements. Generally speaking, there are at least three main specification fields in these display applications, including display specifications, system specifications, and safety standards.

For example, in a car cockpit, because of different position requirements, the specifications of the display are also considered differently. As a display instrument front of the driver's seat, it must be clear and high contrast under the premise of sufficient resolution, and must have clear visual quality under different ambient brightness conditions. The control screen on the center console requires additional consideration of viewing angle, touch sensitivity and brightness adjustment. In addition, the rear seat display, which is used as entertainment and multimedia information, also has the same level of specification requirements.


Based on years of professional display development experience, AGL provides global customers with vehicle-related display applications. According to the system requirements of different vehicles, AGL will provide corresponding display solutions for the following important specifications and characteristics, including:

--A full range of displays from 4.3 inches to 32 inches

--Brightness, resolution and contrast, viewing angle and other visual conditions for different application conditions

--Interfaces corresponding to different signal systems

--Power control system corresponding to different vehicle power supply conditions

--Specially designed anti-vibration specifications for different requirements

-- Based on different installation conditions, design related mechanical interface

--related touchscreen design

--Engineering integration based on system specification

--Customized lightweight design
--System design for high salinity, high corrosion or specific environmental conditions

--Customized ultra-wide or ultra-narrow viewing angle design

--Customized backlight control from very bright to very dark

--Customized wide working temperature and storage temperature design

--System safety design that meets specifications