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Touch solutions

Touch panel solutions

For LCD-related display applications, touch panel is like a pair of good partners. Actually, there has many cases, touch panel is inseparable from display as an input interface. However, in non-consumer industrial, military or special application fields, the process of integrating LCD and touch panel is often not as simple as generally imagined. There are many different engineering issues to consider for different applications, such as:

-- For different applications and cost considerations, the touch technology that should be selected, such as RTP, IR or PCAP for mainstream applications.

-- Reliability issues corresponding to different touch designs

-- Touch control IC selection

-- After touch panel integration, how to do the best optical design to get optimized display taste

-- After touch panel integration, how to get the best optical design or visibility in sunlight

-- Surface hardness, anti-fingerprint, antibacterial, waterproof, explosion-proof and other related issues

-- Related issues with gloves, pens, or touch distance

-- The system operating temperature, humidity, electromagnetic compatibility and other related issues after touch integration

-- Extreme environments, such as long-term high temperature and humidity, high salt, high corrosion protection engineering problems

-- Reliability and engineering issues related to the connection between touch and computer systems

-- Mechanical issues

Each of the above engineering issue is basically related to LCD display and touch panel integration. To base on more than 10 years of integration experience, AGL provides a full range of LCD-related touch integration solutions, ranging from 3 inches to 55 inches, for different application to propose a complete solution. This includes different touch technologies such as resistive, projected capacitive and infrared, as well as various control IC solutions, plus various incidental conditions such as surface treatment, optical design, operating temperature, environmental conditions, and lamination process etc., to propose the most reliable and cost-effective solutions.

List of standard products provided by AGL for touch:

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