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The colorful LCD with rich color performance is good to replace various traditional display functions, also for its high resolution and digital/multi layers to display well information. At present, there are many kinds of outdoor display applications, all kinds of outdoor digital display projects boomed in different field that engineers are working on. Some of major outdoor LCD applications include

--Outdoor human-machine interface

--Multi functional service station, guide system

--Car charging system

--Toll machine

--Outdoor Advertising

--Public message boards or signs

All weather Mobility display solution


Beside consumer-grade mobile phones and tablets, LCD displays that also can be used for industrial or military grade mobile or handheld applications generally. For example, such like industrial and military grade cell phones, tablets and notebook computers, such kind of applications have to applied in extreme or rouged environments. Another major industrial mobile display application is the screen mounted on vehicles, ships or others, There are many specification details and characteristics that need to be considered for digital display applied in these fields .

For example,

For LCD-related display applications, touch panel is like a pair of good brothers. In many cases, touch panel is inseparable from display as an input interface. However, in non-consumer industrial, military or special application fields, the process of integrating LCD and touch panel is often not as simple as generally imagined. There are many different engineering issues to consider for different applications, such as:

-- For different applications and cost considerations, the touch technology that should be selected, such as RTP, IR or PCAP for mainstream applications.

LCDs is just like a large river, all different sizes and design have its related different applications, they exist between various systems. In order to connect system functions with various interfaces to display devices, so called control kits have also become an important issue for system engineers. The general control kits between computer board and LCD panel, including

--Signal conversion board, general called AD board,  such as VGA to LVDS, DVI to EDP, or VGA to RGB, etc.

--Signal conversion board, such as TTL to LVDS, EDP to LVDS or TTL to RGB parallel, etc.

--Back light driver board

--RS232/485 remote control

--Brightness sensing and control

--Temperature sensing and control

--Automatic feedback and remote control

--Power or voltage conversion or integration board

--pin assignment conversion board


Due to different system designs, there are various types of signals, electrical conversions, and control boards, so it is difficult to describe them completely. AGL has many years of experience in assisting customers in system design. In addition to providing standard control panels, it also provides more customized control panels with a wide range of services. Even if it is not a panel produced by AGL, it can also provide related functional design service.

List of standard products that AGL provides to LCD control systems:

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Although this is not a common application, but for some special projects, system engineers do need special optical design for digital displays, such like

-- ultra-low reflectivity,

-- Anti glare surface,

-- specific wavelength blocking,

-- specific polarization angle,

-- specific ultra-wide, or ultra-narrow viewing angle.

-- specific spectrum of backlight